Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary edition

Hi All

AirWatch have confirmed the EAS and Restriction profile problems with the Anniversary edition and are working on a work around, however this work around will be cut into the latest version of AirWatch due to be released Mid October

Currently my strong advice is DO NOT UPGRADE TO 10.0.14393.67 Anniversary edition

10.0.10586.545 appears to work fine

Another common version is 10.0.586.107, this does NOT WORK on cert based WiFi but cannot be updated to version 10.0.10586.545 as it will pick up the Anniversary edition instead.

Any suggestions around side loading 545 (if possible) would be appreciated.


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Hi All
Microsoft have released a new version 10.0.14393.189 last Friday, from initial testing, this version appears to work and the EAS profile comes down on to the device.
Currently (19th Sept 2016) Vodafone NZ devices are getting the new version but Telecom (Spark) NZ devices are not.

Also the Enrolment process has been simplified, now it is all done in the AirWatch app, just like on a droid or iOS.
testing continues, not tested the restrictions profile yet.

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