Workspace Intelligent Hub installation without Apple ID

Hi Everybody,

is there a way to install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub client without using an Apple ID?
Or Is it possible only through the Business Manager program?
My intention is to register the devices in staging with the apple configurator 2 and then leave the end users the insertion of the Active Directory credentials in the Intelligent Hub app.

Thank you!


as far as I know it’s not possible to install apps without an Apple ID, ABM or ASM (jailbreaking would make it possible) I would highly recommend using ABM and supervise the devices.
You can use a staging user in Workspace ONE for enrollment and after that the user(s) can put in their credentials. This staging user can even be local user. If you want a faster enrollment via cable you should have a look at the caching server and internet sharing possibilities on your MAC. They are always helpful for me.
Depending on your use case it might be even possible to do a “staging enrollment” with a Workspace ONE profile within Apple Configurator. I have never tried this function and can’t say much about it.


This use case is perfectly addressed by Workspace one.
You need:
1- to export the MDM profile within the Apple Configuratornsection in the Settings section. (Assign this to your staging account
2- deploy Workspace one hub via Apple VPP (device based) which allow you to do it without Apple ID
3- use the check-in/out feature to authenticate in Hub with the AD credentials


Hi All,

thanks for your quick responses.
Unfortunately, the customer has not signed up to Apple Business Manager or VPP.
I ask this question because I remember that in a configuration of a few years ago installing an .mobileconfig profile via Apple Config the Airwatch apps were automatically downloaded. However, that profile was probably created with DEP credentials


If they can signup it is worth doing so now, the additional config options and deployment capabilities are worth waiting the ~1 week signup time. You will also run into fewer support issues i.e. Application deployment and updates.