XenMobile device and user variables

Hi guys,

Just started to look at XenMobile and I was not able to find the variables available in the system…
Is there some variable to get the device serial number or MAC address?
Same for the user information, how to get the user email?
I think variables are called Macros, right?
Many thanks!


Hi Nicolas,

I have a couple of documents that should help with what you are looking for, they can be downloaded from here https://mobile-mentor.sharefile.com/d-s1fc6cfc234a4d379

Let me know if you have any questions.


Citrix documentation on Macros is available here: http://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenmobile/10-3/macros-in-xenmobile.html

Macros are in the following format $user.property or $device.property

i.e. $user.userprincipalname

There is a macro tester available under Support section


Thanks for the feedback!

I will review these docs and let you know if I have any related question.


Looks like the Macro tester is broken in XenMobile 10.6 :frowning:

Citrix have advised the bug with macro tester not working will be addressed in XM 10.7