Add SwiftKey as approved Android keyboard in Intune / Microsoft Endpoint Manager

I am using a company profile on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is managed by the company via Intune / Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center.

Setting up the work profile worked flawlessly, via the Microsoft Enterprise Portal app (
The apps shared by the company were installed via the separate Google Play assigned to the company portal and can be used.

Unfortunately, only the standard keyboard is enabled. However, I would like to use SwiftKey from Microsoft ( This is also released on the part of the company. Unfortunately, SwiftKey is not available in the work profile, although this app has been released. The following settings were made in Microsoft Intune / Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center:

“Request” was set under “Approved keyboards” and SwiftKey was added to the “Keyboards to approve” list:

Microsoft Swift

Yet SwiftKey is not available nor is this app installed or accessible.

Does anyone here have any ideas on how to use SwiftKey as a keyboard in the work profile (either as a separate instance or shared from the private profile)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!