AirWatch 8.3FP0 GA release installer problems

AirWatch has released a couple of urgent patches / work around for the first public release of AirWatch ver 8.3
Although we are being pushed by our customers for some of the new features in AW8.3 we have decided to wait for the first feature pack (read service pack)

  • Urgent-156/CMDM-199326: App pool consumes all memory making the console server go offline due to insufficient memory.

This URGENT patch includes new .dll files that have to be added to the web console box…

• AirWatch Support
When running the installer for AirWatch 8.3, you may see the error message “The installation of URL rewrite appears to have failed.” This will cause the installer itself to fail.
As a workaround, download and install Application Request Routing 3.0 and URL Rewrite Module 2.0 manually (downloaded from Microsoft site). After these are successfully installed, run the installer again.
This issue has been given identifier SINST-174073. Our product team has been engaged and is working on a resolution with an update to the AirWatch installer.

I think these have totally justified the ‘wait till service pack 1’ stance.