AirWatch - Last Seen dont update


after “moving” our db on new servers (device and console) we have issue that all android devices dont connected to console. awcm work fine and connected, but “last seen” dont update and devices dont receive every command with I try to send.
By new registrated ( android )devices we have dont issues, they communicated with console. Have anybody idea? awcm was reinstalled from airwatch support and after this we have this problem.

p.s. sorry for my english :frowning:



Hi Dimitri,

You should get support engaged again.

Can you explain what changed exactly, did you also split the console and device services?
Do you notice any differences in the android agent info for a working and broken device (I.e connection URL)


Hello Andrew,

we had 2 servers: device server and console server and database server. Now I created 2 new servers ( device and console ) and we made a backup from old db and restore this on new sql db after this step I installed Airwatch Device Server and AirWatch Console Server.
strange is that all new registered devices works fine and old devices dont communicate with console.
I dont see any differences between both devices.


Do the new servers listed on the same hostname as the old servers?
Do the new servers have the same TLS certificate?
Are you using firebase cloud messaging (FCM) in your environment?

Hi Daniil,

no, both servers CS & DC have another hostname. We dont use fcm and the TLS is the same. We made rollback last week on our old environment. Next week I try again :slight_smile:

ok new environment is on and my issue is the same. all old existing android devices have last seen since I turn off old servers and enable both new. Now I wait for a call from AirWatch Support since yesterday… how can I compare tls certificate ?



The hostname is your issue, Devices will still be trying to communicate with the old DS FQDN. (You can verify with a packet capture)

Both should work if you enable the old DS FQDN on the new DS IIS instance along with the new FQDN.

Device Root Certificate from AirWatch was a issue on my device server. I reinstall AirWatch on device server and now works fine.

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