Android 11 beta public available

focusing on “People, Controls, and Privacy” for the following devices:
Pixel 2, 3, 3a, or 4 device

some interesting features so far:

  • Priority conversations , mark as “priority”
  • Media controls, in Quick Settings
  • Bubbles, chat over other apps
  • Notifications, simpler and more control
  • Conversations
  • Do Not Disturb, per App
  • Screenshots, in lower left corner
  • Screen recording, native android feature
  • Privacy, one-time permission to localtion, camera or mic
  • Project Mainline, key system components updated via google

Great, thanks! Opt’ed in!

Beware if it is your daily driver. Google Pay does not work.

From a LinkedIn post of mine earlier today…
#Android11 update for those playing along at home.
Installed on #Pixel3 with no issues.
Garmin Edge 520 running v13 all worked as the first test of the morning on my bike ride.
Strava - Sync’d and worked like a charm. (If it didn’t happen on Strava it didn’t happen.)
Tesla doors opened and car drivable… phew.
Mobile Mentor - Android 11 tells me you are tracking my #Outlook app always and I can’t change the setting to only when using the app. Smells like one of the new COPE elevated privilege’s kicking in.
Telstra – Phone calls working although a major lag in caller ID happening.
Google Pay - Dead dead dead… sigh, back to carrying a physical credit card again. What a drag.
No system crashes yet. (Fingers crossed)
Screenshot… cant work out how to do that any more.

Unfortunately Beta 1 is not for daily drivers, you may also want to send feedback to Google via the Android 11 Beta software survey