Android Enterprise and Samsung Knox harmonization!/wiki/W0dcb4f3d0760_48cd_9026_a90843b9da06/page/Android%20Enterprise%20and%20Samsung%20Knox%20harmonization

MaaS360 adds support for Samsung Harmonization. With this feature, MaaS360 allows administrators to leverage Samsung Knox APIs for corporate-owned Samsung devices enrolled in DO mode in addition to already supported Android Enterprise APIs. In 10.69, MaaS360 adds this capability as new policies for Samsung devices with a new support tag DO with KNOX under Android Enterprise in Android MDM Policy. Note: For existing DO enrollments on Samsung devices, users can enable ELM License from Corporate Settings to use this feature. The devices that enroll after 6.25 release are eligible for this feature by default. Supported on Samsung devices running Android OS version 6+.