Android Enterprise: COPE mode

Hi All

I have an AirWatch on prem structure like this:

Managed SSC
SSC Android
Android Corporate - Android BYO

I have 2 location groups under SSC Android.

I’ve enabled AE at the SSC Android level and from there I have COPE (user-based) on and Always use Android which filters down to the 2 subgroups. I’ve been told by AW support that for my Android BYO group that I should be using “Android (Legacy)” instead of “Always use Android” for enrolment method which I don’t agree with.

Am I wrong here?

Its confused, that Airwatch told you, to use Android (Legacy). Its always for enrollment with Device Admin method. Is there any reason why they said this?

Hi, yes, what they’re telling me doesn’t make sense. Android (Legacy) should only be used for the old method of device management.
Basically I raised a case with them for a couple of different things, I had some users getting the "failed to register google account " error or for Android 10, I get the “failed to create the install URL” error. This is when enrolling via Intelligent Hub using server address/groupID details.

Also he kept telling me that, to enrol as COPE for Android Enterprise, I needed to reset the device but didn’t seem to understand my opposing view on this when I said these are BYO devices.

Yes. Everytime you re-enroll, you must reset the whole device. If you doesn’t wipe the device, I think your error message occurs.

The reason for this is that the work Android user must be on the device from the scratch. If you’ve already gone through the setup wizard, there’s already a user on it and he can’t create a new one. So each time you re-enroll, you have to wipe the device and depends on your setup you can start again with enrollment on the Google ID prompt.

hope that helps.

Hiya. I don’t quite understand how this process is user friendly for a BYO scenerio though.

If I’m a new employee, I join the company, I bring my own phone that is already setup to how I want it, and I want to enrol so I can get my work email on there, what you’re saying is I need to wipe the phone and reset it up again?

To me this defeats the whole purpose of a COPE profile configuration. I understand for a fully work managed device, you would start from scratch and initiate set up from a factory default, but I don’t think this is required for a BYO.

Thank you for your feedback though.

Got it!
No, you are right. BYOD doesn’t require a device wipe. Only COPE.
But it seems, that the BYOD users try to enroll in the wrong OG. I think thats the issue here.

How do you have your location group setup for BYO users? You don’t use COPE for that group?

You have to remember what COPE is. Corporate Owned Personally Enabled. Android Enterprise setup will always require the phone to be factory reset to activate Android for work.

If a user wishes to receive corporate applications on their personal device, BYOD, Profile Owner setup is the way to go. Simply download the ws1 application from play store and register the client. A separate personal/workspace will be created. Note that from an ws1 standpoint you will not be able to perform any actions that affects anything else that the corporate workspace that has been created. I.E wiping the device or resetting passcode will not be available.

Hiya Peter

From a enrolment perspective, this is how our current process is:

Corporate - device is already setup in KME and automatically assigned to location group Android Corporate
BYO - team member installs Hub, enrols with server/groupID and is assigned to location group Android BYO

At both location groups, I have COPE configured as yes, my intention is for them to have a work space and a personal space.

So should I be configuring the BYO differently?


Have a look at this tutorial. Describes the entire process,

Thanks Peter. Thanks, this is an awesome document.

I feel it confirms how I currently have it set up which is COPE for both corporate and BYO devices, as the hybrid solution I feel is more user friendly.

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