Android for Work - and Native Mail Client

We are running live testing for Android for Work and the Managed Play Store.
For the most part, it works wonderfully as it installs Managed Play Store apps without the need of a GoogleID. (VPP-like)
We’ve also tested most the common profiles used like WiFi, Passwords, Restrictions and etc without much deviation from the “standard” Device Android Profiles.

But then we test the Mail Profile, my main and only concern is that I am unable to use the Native Mail Client for the Mail Profile as it is not available in the drop-down for Android for Work Profiles. The only available options are Airwatch Inbox, Gmail and Work Managed Productivity.

Is there a way to force the Mail profile to use the Native mail client when using Android for Work profiles?
Is there a way to deploy a “standard” Device Mail Profile to Android for Work devices so that the Native Mail client is an available option?

Just a note as well, we are using Android for Work alongside Samsung Knox and have made the necessary changes to the Knox profile to ensure it works together
ie: different JSON “gid” and “Enable this app as a Google Device Owner” and etc.

don’t waste your time with Samsung native email for Android Enterprise, it doesn’t work, the config never gets pushed, Samsung native email app probably doesn’t support new Android Enterprise MDM API’s, use GMail

MobileIron have opened a support ticket with Samsung to fix this issue

I’d second Gmail’s usage. As that’s what many are using outside of work today it should be a pretty familiar experience, supported cross-OEM and long-term might be an easier option to continue supporting if you ever migrate from Samsung.

I hope you mean the managed app config and not an Exchange profile, as the Exchange profile won’t apply to AE devices and needs to be configured during app assignment.

Hi to all,
I’m new to Android for Work ( with AirWatch). Could someone please do a resume of what an admin can and can’t do with Android for Work and mail configuration?

I started testing Android for Work with AirWatch in these days.
I’ve created a simple Exchange policy and set to use GMail. On the smartphone I receive the notification “Tap to complete auto-activation”, insert the password, sync starts but after about 30 seconds - 1 minute it stops, mail folders disappear and I get prompted password again, as something timed out on the device or mail server…
Anyone can help?
Really thank you