Android one security updates auto

Hi all,

Being an iOS user I’m a little in the dark. Re the android one features and promise of monthly security updates: are these updates prompted to the user to install or do they happen automatically / in the background? Many Thanks!

Hi @ZK1,

Just to clarify the security update schedule is within 90 days.

Re: Updates, take a look at 5.8. System update policy
Key points to note here;

  • This is an optional policy for EMM’s and is not required for Full Managed Devices (Required for Dedicated Devices)
  • Will not work for Work Profile (BYOD)

Check your EMM’s documentation and log a job if this is not an available option.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Cheers Andrew. I’ll take a look

Hey, just to mention the AO program does promise monthly updates. AER is within 90 days.
Without EMM control they’ll prompt the user. With it they can be set to install automatically, where supported.

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Hey @JasonBayton great stuff thanks for the clarity