Android P: More power for enterprises

Simplifying the work profile experience
Android P improves the look and performance of the work profile. Work apps now have a dedicated tab in the app launcher, making them more visible and eliminating duplication and clutter. Work apps also have an updated blue briefcase badge that better matches Android’s modern design patterns.

While we want to make it easier to get to your work apps, we also think it’s important for your phone to help you disconnect when you’re away from work. So in Android P, we added a switch to turn off work mode right inside the work tab. This disables the work profile apps, notifications and data usage.

Key security enhancements
Android P also introduces a number of features that address enterprise security needs:

The ability for IT administrators to require different PINs and timeout rules for the personal and work profiles.

Additional policies that can prevent data sharing across work and personal profiles.

New APIs that work with keys and certificates to securely identify devices accessing corporate resources.