API's depricated in Windows 10 Redstone - Windows 10 Desktop / Windows 10 Mobile

Unable to install applications on Windows 10 RS1 devices on AirWatch Console versions prior to 8.2

Below AW quote (sic)

As part of our close partnership with Microsoft, AirWatch has been notified that the API used to install apps for Windows devices by AirWatch Console versions prior to 8.2 will be deprecated in the upcoming Windows 10 RedStone 1 (RS1) build.

In order to continue pushing apps to Windows 10 RS1 devices from the AW console, you must upgrade to AirWatch Console version 8.2 or higher.

Note: The release date for Windows 10 RS1, the next version of the Windows 10 OS, will be announced by Microsoft at a later date. This version is not currently available.
Implications for Customers

For current On-Premise or Dedicated SaaS customers planning on rolling out Windows 10 RedStone1 build to mobile devices
Upgrade the AirWatch Console to at least version 8.2 to be able to push down app install commands.
To get started with a self-upgrade, please submit a ticket to the Account Services team via the myAirWatch portal.
To purchase an upgrade, please reach out to your Account Executive for details.
For Shared SaaS customers:
The AirWatch Operations team will continue to manage your SaaS environment and ensure that it is running the latest available version