Apple Business Essentials - Apples own MDM

Apple’s own MDM (Apple Business Essentials) has entered public beta

Business Essentials - Apple

The beta is available for US customers with up to 500 users

Looks like the release date is early 2022

Pricing from the above site

Does anyone have a account on this and can report a little about it?

Below is a list of all available settings you can apply to a device from Apple Business Essentials, the list is super limited (you can’t even enable restrictions on the device).

Looks like Apple Business Essentials is now released in USA

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Anyone use Apple Business Essentials, yet?
How are your findings when compared to an external MDM product?

the number of available settings is very limited, it does not support setting of restrictions hence its very limited.

From my opinion it may be suitable for very small organizations that are using Apple devices and just want some basic management, however it lacks features to be competitive with any established MDM solutions.