Apple DEP and iOS Device Restores

Hi all,

We have a customer that was on an instance of AirWatch. Their users were backing up their devices using iCloud and iTunes while on this instance.

We then moved the customer to a new instance, so a different instance to the original and enabled Apple DEP. They were going through a device refresh, so this was the best opportunity we had to move them to a new instance.

The users enroled their new devices through the DEP process successfully but upon trying to complete the restore from a backup of the old device to new device, the restore is not successful. They are trying to get their backed up photo’s and applications to the new device.

What could it be:
I think it could be that the backup contains the MDM Certificate from the old instance and therefore is trying to replace the MDM Certificate for the new DEP enabled instance.

What do you think the issue could be?

Hi Emmjunkie,

Can you please describe the back up process in detail?

Are there any restrictions on iTunes on the new or old instance?

DEP has two user cases:

  1. for compulsory enrolement
  2. over the air supervision.

Are there any Supervised restrictions in place?


Hey ashleyarmitt,

Prior to DEP, there was no supervision on the outgoing devices. They were enrolled into the outgoing AirWatch MDM Instance.

All clear on the uses cases of DEP, thanks for reconfirming.