AppleSeed for IT being opened up for ABM and Apple School Manager accounts

Apple have announced that the Apple Seed for IT program will become available to managed IDs created in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

AppleSeed for IT

AppleSeed for IT is designed specifically for education and enterprise
customers committed to testing each new version of Apple beta software in
their organizations. Soon every customer with Apple Business Manager or Apple
School Manager can use a Managed Apple ID to access the program and, their
feedback is associated with their organization.
To access program resources, sign in to using a
Managed Apple ID issued by your organization and accept the program terms.
You’ll then be able to download beta software, access beta documentation, and
participate in test plans and surveys specific to education and enterprise
environments. For additional details, refer to the Program Planning Guide.

AppleSeed for IT Program Changes

Thank you for participating in AppleSeed for IT. We are excited to announce that in the coming weeks we are changing and expanding access to AppleSeed for IT by leveraging Managed Apple IDs created in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. No invitation code will be necessary. Once you receive an email notifying you that enrollment is open, just sign in with your Managed Apple ID to to access the latest beta software, beta documentation, and test plans. Use the same Managed Apple ID to sign in to Feedback Assistant where you can submit feedback and file bug reports.

Note: Your Managed Apple ID must have a valid email address associated with it. Managed Apple IDs assigned the role of "Student" are prohibited from participating in AppleSeed for IT.

2019-2020 AppleSeed for IT Program is now open

Get ready to test the latest beta software in the AppleSeed for IT program. By joining the program, we will provide you with pre-release versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, Apple Configurator, and other software to install and use. While trying out this software we ask that you provide us with your feedback. Our program includes a bug reporting system and a dedicated review queue for our enterprise and education participants. Become a valuable part of the software development process and help to ensure the new software works in your organization once it becomes publicly available. In order to ensure participation in this program and help Apple release high-quality software, you’ll need to follow the process below.

How to Enroll

An Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager account is required to participate in AppleSeed for IT. To enroll in the program, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click on the “Sign in” button
  2. Log in with your Managed Apple ID from Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager. For more information on creating a Managed Apple ID, visit the help pages for Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager
  • NOTE: Apple School Manager Managed Apple IDs with the Student or Staff role are prohibited from enrolling in the program. Apple Business Manager Managed Apple IDs with the Staff role are allowed. Your Managed Apple ID must have a valid email associated with it. Federated Managed Apple IDs are not supported at this time.
  1. You will see a window with the message “Additional Security Required. Your organization has upgraded your Apple ID. Visit the secure Apple ID site to sign in again.” Click the continue button. You will be prompted to sign in again and enter the verification code sent to the the trusted phone number associated with your Managed Apple ID.
  2. When prompted, select “Trust this browser” to avoid the secondary authentication prompt for subsequent sign-ins.
  3. You will now see a message “You have 1 outstanding invitation to other projects.” Select the link and you are prompted for the “AppleSeed for IT Program (2019-2020)” project.
  4. Read and accept the Confidentiality Agreement

After completing these steps, you will become an active participant in the AppleSeed for IT program. You can expect to receive additional information via email once the program starts.

Participation Guidelines

  1. Customer Seed and Confidentiality Agreement - All potential program participants are asked to click through this agreement and be aware that use of prerelease software is strictly confidential. You may not discuss the software or your feedback outside of the AppleSeed for IT program. Maintaining confidentiality about prerelease software is critical to the future success of the AppleSeed program. Please read and comply with the terms of the agreement to avoid possible legal consequences.
  2. Active Participation - We ask that you use the provided beta software in your day-to-day activities — an environment that can’t be replicated at Apple. To make it as simple as possible, we’ll provide you with a variety of tools that will enable you to easily submit detailed information about your experience.

Important Considerations

We recommend installing the beta software on your primary device. The best way to understand possible issues your users may encounter in your environment is to be fully immersed in the software. Backups should be maintained to mitigate data loss in the event of an application or system crash. Apple is not liable for malfunctions resulting from the installation of this prerelease software. Apple also does not guarantee that data created or modified by this software will be compatible with future versions.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing involvement. By participating in this program, you’re helping improve the quality of future Apple software releases. We look forward to your participation.

AppleSeed for IT Program