Block cellular calling on iOS with Airwatch


Is there a way to block cellular calling on iPhones through Airwatch?


There is no way of blocking the cellular calling with MDM (the Phone app also cannot be hidden by MDM)

Your best bet is talking to your carrier and asking for data only plans for your iPhones.

Thank you. The devices are internally used and will not need data or cell services. But if the SIM card is not in it, it keeps popping up a window asking for one


We are a local EMM provider in Germany, and we have clients where they need only internal devices:

If our clients do not need cellular network, we advise them to use IpodTouch. It is cheaper and serves the purpose.

Also depending on your needs, you might think of applying Kiosk (Single App) Mode so that they will be using your single application inside the device.

Thank you, unfortunately with EPIC, iPhone is recommended due to screen size and With Jabber, you can’t use on iPods, Cisco calling application.

Since they are using two apps, single app mode is out. I do have devices using that configuration already.

I think the device just needs to have a sim card inside, it does not need to be active.

yes is true. j9kremzar try to use sim card dummy.

Thanks All. Yes, per Apple gotta put one in no matter what. Was hoping to not use that option. But oh well.