Cannot make iOS app store purchases on new apple id

I create a unique email ID for the iOS appstore per MDM device. This used to work however, every apple id i create under our domain cant make a purchase on the appstore anymore. I keep getting the message “Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction.”.
Is there a workaround on this?
I am also open for suggestions with regards to managing apple ids on MDM devices.

The answer is don’t use Apple IDs.

What you want to do is sign up for Apple Business Manager (this is free)

Apple Business Manager has two programs

  • DEP (Device Enrollment Program) - This is used to automatically enroll devices into your MDM as part of the initial device setup and supervise the devices over the air which allows for additional policies and controls on the de vice.

  • VPP (Volume Purchase Program) - This program allows you to distribute applications without the need for an Apple ID on the device, you can buy licenses in bulk (including free licenses) and assign them to device.

Integration your MDM with these two programs will address the following issues:

  • Devices being bricked due to “find my iPhone” being enabled with unknown Apple ID

  • Removes the need to have an Apple ID on the device to deploy applications