Change default ports for AppTunnel and ActiveSync

I need to change the default ports - how do I change the default ports for AppTunnel and ActiveSync services on Sentry?
I have added two network services in the System Manager of Sentry - like 10443 for AppTunnel and 20443 for ActiveSync. Where do I need to change this ports in the Sentry config so that the clients will connect to 10443 (EAS) and 20443(AppTunnel)? In the Sentry Config (Admin Portal) under Sentry Port (Default 9090)?



Hi John,

I do not believe you can modify these ports, or at least in a way that is still supported by MobileIron. This would likely require configuration modification at the root OS level. (the non supported part)

  • The Network Service in sentry are for Access Control Lists and will not help with traffic routing into the
  • When creating config (i.e. Docs@Work Configurations) you only have drop downs representing the sentry, there is no port input for this connectivity.
  • 9090 is used for Core to Sentry communication (Sentry Config)

You may want to contact MobileIron Support to see if they have any options.


Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your help - absolutely correct, will not work!