Citrix announces deprecation of the MDX toolkit and wrapping technology

Citrix have announced that the MDX toolkit and the wrapping technology will be deprecated in September 2020 and replaced with a new Mobile Application Management SDK

Citrix statement below:

Dear Citrix Endpoint Management Administrator,

Platform mobile application management (MAM) for iOS and Android have come a long way from their original consumer-only focus on security. Today, iOS and Android each have their own device level encryption and enterprise-focused features like Android Enterprise and User Enrollment. Citrix supports mobile platform MAM for iOS and Android and is offering additional Citrix mobile application management support via SDKs.

Citrix is announcing a new Mobile Application Management SDK that will replace areas of MDX functionality that are not covered by the platform. We are also announcing that MDX Toolkit and its wrapping technology (including MDX Wrapping service) will be deprecated in September 2020. We want to leverage the platform as much as possible, in instances where there is no comparable functionality in the platform, we will have an SDK to support that feature.

The new MAM SDK is modular, so any app developer can consume MAM-level features into their app without having to add every feature we offer. This will make it easy for app developers to consume our SDKs on an as-needed basis.

Take a minute to review the FAQs we’ve put together:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is changing?

We’re announcing that MDX Toolkit and its wrapping technology (including the cloud-based MDX wrapping service) will be deprecated in September, 2020. Citrix will move to support the new Mobile Application Management SD alongside platform MAM, like Android Enterprise and iOS User Enrollment.

2. Why is it changing?

Citrix wants to support newer development languages like Ionic, Swift, and Xamarin. Providing new SDK is the best approach that will provide the best experience. Citrix is moving towards continuing to provide the best MAM/BYO solution by leveraging platform MAM and adding value via new MAM SDK.

3. Who will this impact?

Customers that are currently using the MDX Toolkit or MDX service to wrap applications.

4. What should customers do to prepare?

To start off this transition there are three things to start doing:

  1. We recently released a new feature called encryption management. Encryption management is a new MDX policy that leverages the platform-based encryption and adds new compliance checking before every app launch. If the compliance checks are good, the app is allowed to run and be protected by platform encryption. This allows better performance, more stability, and better battery life by turning off MDX file-based encryption and avoiding double encryption. For applications that move to platform-based encryption, we will transition the encryption to platform without needing to reinstall. This is now available for Secure Mail and Secure Web as of 19.10.0 and MDX toolkit (for 3rd party apps) as of 19.6.5.
  2. Start learning about Android Enterprise and iOS User Enrollment and how it fits in your CEM managed environment.
  3. As new SDKs become available, download and learn how to integrate the MAM SDK into your mobile apps!

5. What should customers do to prepare?

More information on this can be found on our MDX Toolkit docs page:
Thank you,

The Citrix Endpoint Management team