Connect Sentry and local file server

In the company where I work we have implemented MobileIron Cloud, in our local network we have connected and configured Sentry, it is already connected to the MobileIron Cloud.

Now we want to make a connection between our local network and MobileIron Cloud, this with the help of Sentry, someone knows the process or some manual to make this connection.

Or some other method? What we want is for the files that are attached as URLs in the emails that are hosted on the file server to be viewable on the mobile devices.

Sounds like what you are after is Sentry using AppTunnel and PerApp VPN

yes, is it possible to do this? is there a manual for doing this?

Have a look at the following documentation from MI. Will tell you all the details you need. to prepare your environment and setup Sentry for AppTunnel