Content (iOS) can`t read/write files to a SMB file share


I added a repository and basically allowed the user to read, write and edit everything. A user is able to authenticate and its possible to navigate through the folders. But somehow its not possible to download / upload any files even if they are just a few bytes in size.
Where it even gets stranger is that its possible to create and delete folders. I cant explain this behaviour because even with an account with the highest rights for the file share (admin account) it`s not possible to read or write anything.

Is there some setting that I`m missing? I the repository settings is everything allowed.

The folder structure is actually synchronized to the Content Gateway, so when you browse the folders, the device doesn’t even talk to the share.

Typically, what you describe means that there is a connectivity issue somewhere - the device can talk to CG, CG can talk to share, but Content client cannot.

Most commonly it is due to split DNS or NAT when CG was deployed for use with external networks only, but device comes to on-prem and vice versa.

Check if everything in your data paths is correct (DNS, IPs, ports, firewalls , NAT).
Download the logs bungle from the UAG and check in the CG logs what is wrong