Create Acrobat reader configuration for Android Enterprise

How to disable copy,save and print options in Adobe Acrobat reader for Android Enterprise devices?

Muhammad MK

Hi @mahiroux

See for more information.

I have checked the AppConfig returned from the play store.

  • Allow Printing from App - Enable this app to print documents.
  • Allow Copy from App - Enable this app to copy text from documents.


Thank you @andrew_dawson for your reply. How do I push app configuration to Android devices to disable these features? I can disable this options on iOS devices using plist but I believe the XML would not work on Android devices.

That’s correct, the xml/plist used for iOS will not work for android.

When you approve an application using Managed Google Play you are then able to create a managed config, when you open the config options the play store is queried for the current available AppConfig settings.

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