Docs@work on Android

Hi I am running Android 8.1 on an Australian government platform and docs@work will not run due to my android version being to new?

Any ideas , how to get around this?


Hi Tom,

What version of Docs@Work and Secure App Manager is being deployed to your device?

Can you also provide a little more background;
Core/Cloud, Android Enterprise/Device Admin?


Thanks for the response Andrew!
Tablet is Lenovo TB-X6505F
Secure Apps Manager is
Docs@work is
Interestingly Web@Work is fine 2.1.1-T8.
Enterprise Admin?? Queensland Health

Due to the nature of Patient privacy, the platform must be as secure as possible

Thanks for your help


Do you have access to download updated software release from MobileIron?

Assuming you are using MobileIron Core and your Android device is configured using Device Admin the following will help with your immediate issue. (If not then I can help identify your current setup)

If so download; (current versions as of today)

  • SecureAppsManager-
  • Docs@Work-
  • Web@Work-2.3.0-T8.


  • Upload each app to your console
  • Create a new label
  • Assign the label to the troubled device and each uploaded application.

This will allow you to push a new version of the apps to your device for testing, keep in mind you may have other apps that rely on Secure App Manager that could be impacted by this change.

If you or your MSP does not have access to the apk’s feel free to PM me and I can put you in touch with an MSP that can assist in your area.

If you are in fact using device admin it is a good time to start planning for Android Enterprise (you will see various conversations on supporting the need to make this move), there are a number of features being deprecated in the old enrollment method. All our new deployments are configured with Android Enterprise in mind and we are currently managing migrations for legacy deployments.

Hi @skipperaus,

Did upgrading the android applications resolve your immediate issue?