Find my EMM provider

GSuite Admin says “This domain is bound with a third-party EMM provider. If you would like Google to manage your Android devices, please unbind with them and visit this page again.”

This is my domain and I don’t recall binding an EMM provider. How do I figure out what third-party EMM provider my domain is bound to?

Related question: As a newbie, where can I read about how EMM binding works at the technology level? Is the binding stored in a registry somewhere?

When I wrote my question, I was thinking that EMM binding is something that happens outside of GSuite, and therefore would need to be stored somewhere (similar to SPF records in DNS)

It turns out the binding is internal to GSuite, and the “third-party” it mentions is actually another Google EMM provider. Google apparently has (at least) two of them: Google Device Manager and Google Mobile Management. For some reason mine was set to the former, but in order for GSuite to control permissions on my devices, it needed to change to the latter. I just had to hunt down the place in GSuite where the unbinding happens.

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