Geolocation with Mobileiron

As i understood it, mobileiron does not support any geolocation funnction out of the box, is there a solution can hlp with that lack ?

Hey Hans, Hypergate Smart Security Set rules & define actions | Hypergate can help you with that. It is a configurable Rule engine.
So at the moment we have various customers which us Smart securtiy for geolocation actions.

Yes, Hans, SureMDM by 42Gears offers location tracking features to help you with the real-time location details of devices and route the devices traveled before reaching the destination. The best part is that the history can be retained for up to 180 days.

Additionally, SureMDM supports fencing capabilities using which the users can restrict the device behavior when the device enters or exits the virtual fence created around the geo-location, time duration, and secured network connectivity.