Getting XenMobile Mail Manager to work through a proxy

I’ve recently had to setup XenMobile Mail Manager to work through a proxy server, unfortunately XMM does not seem to have this option available. However as XMM is a .net application it is possible to direct the traffic via a proxy.

This was done using XenMobile Mail Manager version: on Windows Server 2012r2

Pre-requisites: Make sure that you have a proxy server configured in IE settings for the account which will be running XMM.

Step 1: Configure global proxy
Fist check that you do not have proxy set by running

netsh winhttp show proxy

Launch CMD as administrator
Execute the following in CMD

netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

Step 2: Change the config files for XmmWindowsService and Configure executables to include proxy configuration

Inside the XenMobile Mail Manager install directory you should have the following two files:

  • XmmWindowsService.exe.config
  • Configure.exe.config

Edit XmmWindowsService.exe.config and add the following between <configuration></configuration>

   <defaultProxy enabled="true" useDefaultCredentials="true" />

Repeat this for Configure.exe.config
Once this is done restart any running instances of XMM (including the service) and XMM should be able to communicate out using the proxy

More detailed information regarding netsh winhttp is available here:

Citrix have published my article :slight_smile: