How does Knox or Android for Work perform on low end devices..?

A customer of mine is considering using the either the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime or it’s replacement the Samsung Galaxy J2

I have had talks with both Samsung and the customers cellular carrier (Spark) and both have advised to use the Samsung Knox container as opposed to Android for Work, claiming that Android for Work, although technically supported, in reality does not actually work very well, if at all on these low end devices…

However, on the Google Android for Work website: although they only list the high end Samsung devices eg. Galaxy S6 and Note 4 etc they do list a number of low end devices from other manufacturers which are comparable to the Galaxy Core Prime eg. the Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen

Do any of you guys out there have any experience of using these low end devices with either: a MobileIron container, the Knox container or Android for Work…?

If so, it would be great if you could please share your experience on this forum…

Thanks in advance,