How to add 200 tablets to Knox Configure?

I would like to purchase about 200 tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 - SM-T580) and configure them using Knox Configure (my goal: Single-App Kiosk mode). The easiest way to register so many devices probably is to purchase the tablets directly from a certified Samsung dealer.

My problem: I get the tablets much cheaper at a “non Samsung dealer”.

Suppose I had the 200 tablets unpacked in my office: does anyone know if the IMEIs are visible on the outside of the packaging? I would hate to open 200 boxes, startup 200 devices and go through the whole Android setup procedure manually, just in in order to read the corresponding IMEIs from the Settings. But if I could read the IMEIs directly from the outside of the unopened packaging, I would take the trouble to type 200 IMEIs manually into Knox Configure (hope that’s possible at all?).

Can anyone tell me if that would work? Or is there a better way? I’m sorry, but I didn’t find any reliable information on these topics on the Knox website.


Hi Ingmar,

For this deployment type you would either have to purchase from a “Samsung dealer” as you have stated, the alternative is to start up each device and use the Samsung Knox Deployment application.

Additional guides here, currently NFC and Bluetooth are supported with a future option on the way.

This process is required to prove you have control over the device i.e. you are the ‘owner’ of the device, Samsung would not allow just adding IMEI’s to the portal as a security measure. This is also why you need to go through an authorized reseller to easily add devices to the portal.

See if you can get a bulk deal or a better price by shopping around, also get 1 device for testing to POC the solution with a 90-day free trial of the KNOX Configure licences.


Hello Andrew, thank you very much for your detailed explanations.

If I understand you correctly, the road will be rocky if I don’t buy the tablets from an authorized reseller.

Since this morning I have a Knox Configure (KC) test license for 90 days. Here I have created a profile with a few simple settings.

On my test tablet I then installed the Knox Deployment App from the Google Play Store. After I logged in here, the profile I had set up in KC was displayed immediately. I was hoping that my test tablet would now be registered with KC and all settings would be transferred from the profile. But oh, oh … obviously the app does not serve this purpose at all.

Did I understand that correctly after reading the PDF Guide? Do I only install the app on one device (master device)? This device then serves as a medium between KC and my 200 other devices?

In other words: I would really have to unpack all 200 devices, switch them on, connect them to Wifi, go through the whole setup process and finally start Chrome to type in manually?

OMG … that would be super comfortable :wink: In other words, is this the way Samsung strengthens its authorized resellers? Because everything else would be far too much work?

But that’s really annoying …


The Knox Deployment App does have the capability to add devices to KC or KME programs, I have in the past added devices to both programs using the app

Hello Daniil_michinie,

by saying

you mean: You installed the app on a “master device” and then coupled “user devices” by Bluetooth? Unfortunately I don’t have a second device (as user device) for testing purposes currently. So, I wonder how the coupling is done …

Yes that’s correct, using this method one Samsung device acts as a master for enrollment.

Depending on how much time you have and EMM platform access there are other methods for the same kiosk solution. I.e Android Enterprise - Work Managed Device or COSU.

Based on the info I have above all solutions would require a manual component for configuration.

Alright. Understood. Thank you very much for your help, Andrew. I couldn’t find anything like this on Knox’ marketing blabla website :wink: