How to capture iOS Console Logs on Windows PC - iOS 11 Compatible

Found a good article on the web on how to get XCode logs off a device if you do not have a MAC.

How to capture iOS Console Logs on Windows PC - iOS 11 Compatible

All credits and rights:Sami Bakhour
This uses a set of stand alone software called iOSLogInfo

How to download and use iOSLogInfo ?
1- Download the iOSLogInfo tool from here:
2- Use Winrar or winzip to extract the folder into any directory ( e.g. I extracted the folder to my C: Drive )
3- Make sure that your device is connected through the lightning cable to your PC
4- Click on start and type “CMD” , right click on the command prompt and make sure to select “Run as Administrator” as shown below

5- Now on the command prompt, go to the path of iOSLogInfo folder (e.g. in my case it was c:\iOSLogInfo so I had to type cd C:\iosloginfo)
6- Type the command below to begin with capturing iOS console logs
sdsiosloginfo.exe -d > c:\iosloginfo\consolelogs.txt

7- Do the needed action on your iOS device and once you are done go back to the command prompt and type CTRL + C to stop the console logging task.
8- Now you will notice that there is a new .txt file created inside the iOSLogInfo folder called “consolelogs.txt”

9- Voilà, :slight_smile: you just have the console logs captured !
Note that the iOSLogInfo tool is having many commands other than capturing the iOS Console logs, there is for example the command called “sdsioscrashlog” to capture crash logs, “sdsdeviceinfo” to get your device info. etc… (see the screenshot below to see the list of available commands) + I listed all the additional comands available below:

Additional Commands available:
Capture console logs:
sdsiosloginfo.exe -d > C:\iOSLogInfo\consolelogs.log
Capture Carsh logs:
sdsioscrashlog.exe -e -k C:\iOSLogInfo\crash_logs
Pull disk_usage:
sdsdeviceinfo.exe -q -x > C:\iOSLogInfo\iOS_Disk_Usage.xml
Pull Device Stats:
sdsdeviceinfo.exe -x > C:\iOSLogInfo\iOS_Device_Stats.xml
Pull iTunes logs:
sdsioscrashlog.exe -e -k C:\iOSLogInfo

After reading this article, I am sure that many of you are extremely happy by now to find out that there is a tool to perform the capturing of iOS console & crash logs, so please comment below, like my article and follow me for more informative updates in the future.
I always had the passion to help users, testers and everyone to make their computerized life easier.
Have fun & Happy testing ! Love & Peace to everyone :slight_smile:
Sami Bakhour

Great! Nice find Mike!

Hi Mike,

or you run mac on windows :wink:


Hi There
I have a MAC book to use but prefer to use a windows laptop.
the iTools tool set that AirWatch recommends is not free, this one is free.

Greetings. I’m here searching how to “capture the log” using the method given here on this website and Do not seem to work for me.

the is another option with iOS buildin analystics your able to gather debug information