How to create an iOS webclip in Intune that will open in another browser

By default webclips pushed to an iOS device open in Safari.
I’ve come across a number of cases where I had a requirement to have a webclip open in another browser, i.e. Chrome or Edge
The same method can also be leveraged to get the webclip to launch another application.

Obtain the URI schemes the app registers with iOS

I’m using Edge browser in this example that I’ve downloaded from the Apple App store using the steps outlined here: Downloading IPA file from App Store onto a Mac

Google have some documentation for Chrome available here:

By default any links starting with http:// or https:// URI will open in Safari, in order to open the link in a specified app we need to use a unique URI that the app has registered with iOS.

An IPA file is just a zip achieve, hence if we rename the *.ipa to *.zip and unzip we will see a number of files inside.
I’ve downloaded the Edge 45.2.16.ipa from the Apple App Store and unzipped it.

Inside the archive we’re looking for info.plist


We need to open the info.plist in a text editor and look for CFBundleURLSchemes
These are the URI schemes the application registers with iOS.


In this case calling any of the above URIs will launch edge, however the parameters passed with the URI may vary.

We’re after microsoft-edge-http and microsoft-edge-https URI’s as they follow the same method Google has implemented for Chrome on iOS

Hence launching microsoft-edge- will launch Edge into

Using custom URI with Intune

Adding a web link in Intune via the gui is limited to http and https URI’s

Using the URI built earlier is rejected instantly

We can get around this by using the Intune graph API and Postman

Instructions on using Postman with Graph are available here:

Issuing the following POST request

    "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.webApp",
    "appUrl": "microsoft-edge-",
    "categories": [],
    "description": "Open in Edge",
    "developer": "",
    "displayName": "Open in Edge",
    "informationUrl": "",
    "isFeatured": false,
    "notes": "",
    "owner": "",
    "privacyInformationUrl": "",
    "publisher": "Test",
    "roleScopeTagIds": [],
    "useManagedBrowser": false

Will return a response on success

Checking the console we will see a new webapp with the specified URI


First and foremost, thanks for this! I’m trying this as-of Nov 2020 and it appears that the API was altered to disallow the creation of WebApps without the http/https prefix. Any known workarounds for this?

You can try creating webclip configuration profile using apple configurator ( and uploading it as a custom profile to Intune

Haha. That’s exactly what I did. Thanks!

within the google iframe for android enterpise, custom URI arn’t allowed as well :frowning:

With iOS 14 apple have added the ability to define a target app for the webclip payload iOS 14 - changes in configuration profiles