How to cut IT support costs?

Hi All

I need to find a way how to reduce our support cost. Mainly the tickets for password-change / password-resets on mobile devices.

We currently spent about 3 hours daily on password reset requests :disappointed:… It costs too much adn honestly there is more important stuff to do.

Any inputs? Thanks in advance.

About our setup: 90% of the devices are iOS, rest is Android. we currently use SOTI to manage the devices but we might switch to another UEM soonish.

implement cert based auth for ActiveSync and Gmail app, if is Outlook app you will require to do SAML/SSO and use per app VPN tunneling to achieve which uses cert based auth as underlying pre-authentication mechanism so user is never asked to enter password after device registration into UEM platform

Can be done for Exchange onsite or Office365

Hi Brendan,

CBA what all PKI (CA environmnets) are supported.
If we do not have MS CA what are our options

Really depends on the specific use case. For instance, with Workspace ONE you can often use the built-in CA for stuff like VPN or email gateway. I recently had a customer with some open source Linux SCEP box. Despite how much I dislike SCEP - it worked (after they made their root CA cert compliant with new Apple requirements).

Question is, what causes this password reset requests, and what are the applications for which the passwords must be reset?

If you have an AD with kerberos based services you can take a look at Hypergate and/or the built in iOS Kerberos client. Hypergate offers SSO and Self Service password reset without any additional back-end (other than the AD ), but comes at a cost. The built in Kerberos client for Apple only offers SSO but is included on iOS devices. For Android on the other hand if you go down this route Hypergate will be the only option since there is no built in Kerberos Client on Android enterprise.