In App Puchases

Apple VPP and Google Play store. Is it possible to block in app purchasing using WS1 and Intune?

Background. We have a registered credit card to enable app purchases for both Android and Apple Apps.
Some apps we intend to managed and purchase have the ability to perform in-app purchases.
How do I stop or prevent users from buying in app purchases and the resulting unwanted charges.
I have been looking for information about this but so far not found anything I can read up on.


On iOS devices you can deploy a restriction profile that blocks in-app purchases.

The best approach is to reach out to the app developer where you need in-app purchases and see if the developer can provide you with an alternative means (i.e. purchase outside the app store).

Hi, Thanks for the information. I will test iOS. Any information or advice for Android OS?
I looking to prevent users, weather accidentally or intentionally from taping on the ability to perform in-app purchases by blocking or preventing.