Intune and iCloud restore


I have an question. Is it somehow possible to restore iOS data after forced MDM Intune activation? Or the user must manually reinstall all the applications?


Hi @RagnarBlack,

You can look to enable Restore and Apple ID during the enrollment process, keep in mind backups from the same device in a previously enrolled state can break the current device setup.

Personally I prefer to add my Apple ID and just run through the list of apps from the Purchased section of the Apple Store, I usually find I do not want all of the previous apps installed anyway.

Yop, we are dealing with migration from old device to an new one.

Sadly it looks that this is not supported. Tell that to some board member. :smiley:
We are still playing around with that.

Sadly even if I do a full backup with iTunes the restore is also with the MDM profile. Hard to get around that stuff. This is for me the only smudge on the DEP.