iOS 11 - New restrictions

iOS 11 introduces the following new options that can be pushed as part of the restriction profile payload

  • Allow AirPlay and View Screen by Classroom Only (supervised)
  • Allow Classroom to perform AirPlay and View Screen without prompting (supervised)
  • Allow Removing system apps (supervised)
  • Allow adding VPN configurations (supervised)
  • Allow Classroom to lock to an app and lock the device without prompting (supervised)
  • Automatically join Classroom classes without prompting (supervised)
  • Allow AirPrint (supervised)
  • Allow discovery of AirPrint printers using iBeacons (supervised)
  • Allow storage of AirPrint credentials in Keychain (supervised)
  • Disallow AirPrint to destinations with untrusted certificates (supervised)
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Apple Article around Removing system apps restriction

List of all restrictions is available here

One of the items missing from the list above is “Allow setting up new nearby devices” this should stop you losing your corporate credentials to new devices.

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