iOS 11 - Testing Results

The Mobile Mentor team have completed their testing of iOS 11 and have recommended customers upgrade devices to iOS 11.

For MobileIron customers any MobileIron apps installed must be updated before upgrading to iOS 11. New versions of MobileIron apps include Mobile@Work 9.6, MobileIron Go 3.0, Docs@Work 2.4, Web@Work 2.1 and AppConnect SDK/Wrapper 3.5.

For AirWatch customers, any AirWatch apps installed should be updated before upgrading to iOS 11. New versions of AirWatch apps include the AirWatch Agent, Container, Browser, Content Locker, and VMware Boxer. Additionally, AirWatch SDK fully supports iOS 11.

For XenMobile customers, any Citrix Secure apps (Secure Mail, Secure Web and ShareFile) should be wrapped with version 10.7 MDX Toolkit before upgrading to iOS 11.

Customers are recommended to update any of the apps being used on enrolled iOS devices before the device is updated to iOS 11.

Apple has notified customers of an issue sending email for customers using O365 and Exchange 2016 but our testing today has not replicated this issue. Apples support note on this issue can be viewed via this link.