iOS 9 native mail crashes with SEG attachment or hyperlink transformation and EAS 16 backend

If you’re using an EAS 16 backend, and a SEG with attachment or hyperlink transformation delivering mail to the native iOS mail client, you will see the mail app crash on iOS 9. AirWatch are working on a fix, for more details see

To workaround the issue, either turn off the attachment or hyperlink transforms, tell clients not to upgrade to iOS 9, or use a device like an F5 APM to re-write the ASProtocol header coming from your backend to EAS 14.x.

The issue comes up in iOS 9 because the mail client now supports EAS 16, in iOS 8 the maximum supported was EAS 14.

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An option/flag to use 14.X from the SEG to the CAS and CAS to SEG and therefore do a conversion in the SEG config would be handy…