iOS10 and AirWatch Applications compatibility

iOS10 and supported AirWatch Applications

AirWatch Agent: v5.3
VMWare Boxer: v3.7
AirWatch Browser: 5.1.1
AirWatch Container v2.3.0
Content Locker: v3.1.1
AirWatch Inbox: v2.5.7
AirWatch Tunnel v1.3.3
VMWare Workspace ONE: v2.0.1

NOTE: Support for iOS8 to reach end of life after the release of iOS10:
Please note, following the release of iOS10, support for iOS8 will begin to reach end of life for AirWatch productivity apps. After this time, users that have never enrolled in AirWatch will be unable to download the latest versions of these AirWatch applications on iOS8 devices. AirWatch recommends ensuring users keep their devices updated to ensure they have the latest security patches and bug fixes.