Iron Mobile Issue uploading the in-house Android Application

Recently our team has developed an android app. We would like to upload it in to Mobile Iron for every one to use. While uploading the apk file to the site as instructed , It first appears loading , then uploading. At last, It shows me a dialogue with a word “null”. I have tried many methods like changing the version number etc still no hopes. Could you help?

Thanks in advance!

Try uploading the apk to (login required) and check to see if there are any obvious errors.

I have seen similar faults when the core version was out of date and contained older code used to inspect android application code.

You may want to also capture a full debug log from the core while uploading the apk and either look into the log files yourself or create a support job with MobileIron to look into the issue. (they will also need error messages and a copy of the apk)

MobileIron uses apktool ( underneath to decompile APK files

It could be that your APK is build with a newer Android API version that is not supposed by the version of the APK tool built into the version of MobileIron platform that you are running

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How do I know if my mobile iron can support my apk? The version of Mobile Iron is 8 and the apk sdk version is ranged from 21 - 26. Could you help check if the version is compatible with the sdk im using ?

*** Package name: ***

*** Version: ***

*** Minimum SDK version: ***

*** Minimum supported Android version: ***
4.x and newer

*** Target SDK version: ***
(NOTE: AppConnect 7.4 wrapper supports 23 and older.)

*** App signing certificate: ***
552 Fri Nov 30 00:00:00 PST 1979 res/anim-v21/design_bottom_sheet_slide_in.xml
552 Fri Nov 30 00:00:00 PST 1979 res/anim-v21/design_bottom_sheet_slide_out.xml

*** AppConnect Wrapper version: ***

*** AppConnect Wrapper options used: ***

*** Checking for usage of MediaPlayer API’s: ***
YES; refer to for MediaPlayer limitations in the AppConnect Wrapper

*** Development environment / API’s used: ***
Native code: NO
Kony: NO
WebView: YES
Xamarin: NO
PhoneGap: NO
Cordova: NO
RhoMobile: NO
Appcelerator: NO

*** Recommended AppConnect Wrapper option: ***
Gen 2

Here is the result after the app sanity check.

Could you please help? I am very desperate

Since apktools is upgraded in Core 9.5 I would consider spinning up a test instance and check the application in there (unless you already have a test/dev setup).

You should also consider an upgrade since Core 8.5.X.X is End of Support; March 24, 2017

Alternatively you can look at the core logs post application upload and/or log a job with MobileIron Support (this will also need a copy of the apk)

Thank you for your response . I am pretty new to mobile iron and android app development. Coudl you guide me on how to make it works?

So If i update Mobile iron or down grade my android app , it should work?

I suspect the upgrade would fix your issue (this does not rule out an issue with the actual apk), to be sure you could ask MobileIron Support to verify.

I have seen a few issues with apk resources in the past, pre Core 9.x.x.x

Core Debug logging would give you more clarity on this issue.

How do i initiate the core debug logging?

I have the apk in hand , it is possible to test it somewhere? I am not sure my supervisor would have time to file the support…

  1. Navigate to System Manager on https://<core-url/ip>:8443
  2. Go to Troubleshooting > Logs
  3. Select “MIFS”
  4. Package = All, Log Level = Debug
  5. Click Apply

Replicate the fault

Under Export Logs

  1. Change Export to “Download”
  2. Module to “Show Tech (All Logs)”
  3. Export/Download

Alternatively you can watch the logs under “View Module Logs” while replicating the issue.

I can try and load the app into a fresh core instance, if this works then you will likely need to upgarde.

Thanks a lot Andrew! How do i send you my apk file to you?

any form of file sharing, i.e., onedrive, sharefile, etc…

fell free to PM me the details


Here is the link to download the apk file! Much appreciate!

I had no issue uploading this apk to Core v

Does it mean that i have to upgrade mobile iron to Core >~8.5?

I would anyway based on previous support comments and apktools being updated in a later releases.

MobileIron Support would also suggest the same.