Is Managed App Config will work on android Internal Application?


Followed below instructions to manage application configuration remotely on android application using RetricationManager.

App config keys are loaded automatically on airwatch console and I can update/manage those configurations when I publish the android application on google playstore (airwatch public app).

But, App config keys are not loaded/manage when I upload apk file on airwatch Internal app.
InternalApp -> Upload apk -> Add Assignment -> Enable Configuration

Is it possible to manage app configuration for airwatch Internal App?


months ago a colleague made same tests. On Android application configuration for internal apps works only in Android Enterprise If the application has been validated by Google, so uploaded to the work play store. In other cases the app config won’t work. We noticed a possible bug where uploading an internal app first on the work play store, waiting for validation, and then uploading it on the internal catalog, app config started working also for internal app on aw catalog. Maybe Google whitelists the app id and not the APK.


Hi Giorgio

Thanks for reply.

App in Approved status in work play store.

I am uploading .apk file from local machine not directly from playstore link (Internal catalog option only allowing either local apk (or) link of apk, its not allowing app playstore link)

Can you pls provide info what steps your colleague followed to upload apk file in Internal app section.