MaaS360 Evaluators Guide v2.0

Check out the new v2.0 MaaS360 Evaluator’s guide -

New items include:

  • New look and formatting
  • macOS and Windows options
  • Apple DEP and VPP
  • SSO and conditional access with IDaaS
  • Patch Management for Windows and macOS
  • Android Enterprise (for Work)
  • Samsung KME
  • Apple School Manager
  • MaaS360 Advisor
  • Remote Support

Feedback welcome…

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Page 32/41 for AE there’s a bit of mix and match between Android enterprise and Android for Work terminology, not including where it’s directly referencing yet-unchanged wording in MaaS.

Android for Work Device Owner -> Android enterprise Work-Managed.

Oh and though I dislike it personally, Google lowercase the “e” in enterprise.

Outside of the doc, it’s unusual to see admins have to contact support to be able to switch on AE functionality, I’d have expected to just see it there to be taken advantage of from the get-go and the relevant configs automatically appear when the link to Google has been established.

No other comments, nicely detailed doc, I think it’s more helpful than many I’ve seen! :+1:

Hi Jason,

Thanks very much for your feedback.

I’ll update the guide in-line with our portal changes to Android enterprise (“e”).

I’ll pass on your feedback on automatically enable AE functionality (as we’ve done with other features like DEP/VPP). To do so today, it doesn’t take long via our 24x7 chat service where our ops team can enable within a few minutes.


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