Microsoft word is not installing in iOS devices when push from MDM

Tried to push the Microsoft Word app from MDM and the app fails to install in iPhone. The error shown in the iPhone is that “Microsoft Word could not be downloaded at this time”. Same thing happens when the Microsoft word app is purchased from VPP store and pushed to the iOS device from MDM.

The Microsoft Word is installing fine when installed directly form App store.

Observed this behavior from 11th of September 2018.
Other Microsoft apps are installing fine when pushed from MDM. The latest version (2.17) of the Microsoft Word app was released 2 days ago.
Any clue on why the Microsoft Word app fails to install in iOS devices when pushed from MDM?

Which MDM solution are you using?
I’ve had the exact issue on my device with Microsoft Word app that was released a few days ago (pushed via Intune).

I observed the same in Manage engine MDM. I was able to install other apps in the iOS device from MDM. The problem is only with Microsoft Word app pushed from MDM.

This issue has been observed on many EMM solutions, when Word attempts to download a 404 response is returned.

Installing the update is working directly from the Apple App Store.

I believe Apple will need to provide a fix for this issue.

It seems that the issue has been resolved and the MS word app is installing from MDM in iOS devices from September 13th.

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