Microsoft's power play

What does everyone think about Microsoft and their closed API’s with Intune. Are they leveraging their stack (Office 365) or being anti competitive.
A lot of good points raised by Ojas from MobileIron on the article below. Should VMware, Citrix and others get behind this also or are we heading towards a Microsoft stronghold on the UEM market in general?

Can manage the Intune MAM policies already, the Graph API for Azure is gradually being opened up, it’s only a matter of time before they fully cave, the recent VMWare/MS/Dell announcement means non Windows 10 devices can be subject to conditional access thus having a mechanism to allow/deny devices based on if they are enrolled in VMWare or not, previously, was only Intune… not dissimilar to Zimperium and MobileIron who only play together, but the difference is, selling AW/MS to the Business is easier… at this stage…IMO. XenMobile who? Microsoft are only catering for the Office Worker use case…

It looks like they have fully caved in if I am reading this correctly?
Presume this is the same for VMware and others also.

Key Capabilities

  • Integration between MobileIron’s secure device management capabilities with Microsoft’s Azure AD conditional access capabilities to Azure AD applications like Office 365.
  • MobileIron and Microsoft joint customers can sync Intune Application Protection Policies with MobileIron mobile device compliance policies
  • MobileIron will be able to set device compliance status for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Premium customers
  • MobileIron will be able to enforce Intune Conditional Access to Office365 and Azure AD Applications from compliant devices

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