MobileIron Core and Sentry Releases

In the last week MobileIron have released new versions of Core, Sentry and Connector.

A few of the features included in these releases are;

  • Support for Android for Work Accounts
  • Samsung Knox improvements
  • Various iOS 9.3 and 10 Restrictions
  • Support for MobileIron Bridge and additional Windows 10 enhancements


  • DFS document updates
  • Configurable password failed attempts and password complexity requirements
  • Added syslog support including additional support for MobileIron Monitor
  • Additional support for MobileIron Access deployments

MobileIron Core v9.2.0.0 and Connector v9.2.0.0 (Community login required)

Upgrade Requirements: v9.0.0.0,, or to upgrade to Core v9.2.0.0

MobileIron Standalone Sentry v8.5.0 (Community login required)

Note: As of version 8.0.1 Build 23, the MobileIron Cloud Standalone Sentry requires login credentials to download the latest update.

All software updates are available from the the MobileIron software support pages and via your appliance Maintenance/Software Upgrade. (Credentials required)