MobileIron Core & Connector v9.3.0.0 Released

NOTE: Review the Core v9.3 Requirements and Considerations below prior to your upgrade.
Core v9.3.0.0 Release Fixes and Updates
OS Platform Enhancements
Android and AfW Native
Android (Note: Below features require Mobile@Work Android 9.3 client)
• Android for Work: “Always-on” VPN support*
• New status fields: Device Encryption status*
• Support use of HTTP Proxy for AfW connections
• Zebra: Support for Custom Configuration files (created via Zebra’s StageNow) to be applied to devices*
Samsung KNOX (Note: Below features require Mobile@Work Android 9.3 client)
• KNOX Workspace: Google Play and lockdowns*
• Manage KNOX lockdowns: NFC, USB, Remote Control, Screen Capture*
• iOS 10 – VPN: IKEv2 EAP only authentication method
• iOS 9 – DEP – Keep device inside iOS Setup Assistant until all configuration profiles have been deployed to the device
• iOS – DEP – PIN/Anonymous registration
• iOS – Support Import and Installation of B2B apps on devices using VPP
• iOS - Preloaded recommended apps will no longer will be listed in Core

Windows 10
MobileIron Bridge Enhancements
• MobileIron Bridge Configuration Reversal - Adding the ability to reverse some configurations set by MobileIron Bridge
• MobileIron Bridge Reporting Enhancement - Adding a more granular view of MobileIron Bridge information sent to and from the application
• MobileIron Bridge Win32 Uploading - Enhancing information we can get about Win32 applications deployed through MobileIron Bridge
EMM Functionality
• Windows License Management - Giving Admins the ability to upgrade the working SKU of the OS on the device
• Windows Hello Enable/Disablement - Allowing admins the ability to set up how Windows Hello works on a device.
Delegated Admin
• Support for Apps import, edit and configuration within a Space
Compliance Policy Framework
• Assign Compliance Policy Roles
• View Compliance Policy Group
• Delete Compliance Policy Group
• And much more!
• Support in AppConfig for Google password auto-generation
User Portal
• Addition of the ability to select ownership (employee or corporate) when registering from User Portal
Certificate Management
• Enable SCEP client on iOS devices to communicate directly with Entrust CA
• Don’t renew expiring Identity certificates from localCA if lifetime of replacement certificate is within expiry window
App Config Community – Managed App Config (iOS only)
• Support for Managed App Config

Core v9.3.0.0 Requirements and Considerations
Caveats and Pre-requisites
• Customers must be running Core on at least the following versions: v9.1.0.0,, or to upgrade to Core v9.3.0.0
• Customers are highly recommended to perform a Core System Local Backup prior to upgrading. Please review the Customer Success Tech Talks Webinar: Upgrade Best Practices

Core v9.3.0.0 and Connector v9.3.0.0

Download software:
• Core v9.3.0.0 download

   Product documentation: 

• Core v9.3.0.0 documentation

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