MobileIron Core & Connector v9.4.0.0 Released

Key release highlights include enhanced IT efficiency, expanded multi-OS platform support and improved user experience.

The following lists describe areas where new changes or enhancements are expected to be introduced (subject to change).

Core v9.4.0.0 Release Fixes and Updates
Android enterprise (formerly known as Android for Work)
Android enterprise - Support for Google Play
Android enterprise - Support for creating Android Kiosk Policy
Android ā€œNā€ introduced a new API to configure password challenges for the Work Profile. Administrators can now configure this.
Configure Email+ 2.x in Android enterprise for access through Sentry

Generate Email to Admins when Google App action is required
Support MobileIron Tunnel (app VPN) on Native Android L+ device

iOS - Education
Support education features available from iOS 9.3

iOS 10.3 and iOS
iOS 10.3 - Change OS updates to supervised devices
iOS 10.3 - Cellular policy - IPv4 and IPv6 setting
iOS 10.3 - New Restrictions
iOS 10.3 - Restriction: Whitelisted Wifi networks (supervised devices)
iOS 10.3 - DEP disable setup assistant screens for iOS: iCloud, Home Button and Display Tone
iOS 10.3 - S/MIME default setting for signing and encryption
iOS - Support variables when configuring Lock Screen Message Policy
iOS - Configuration to Add additional fonts to iOS devices

Windows 10
Adding Bitlocker with MobileIron Bridge for Windows 10 desktop
Removing bloatware applications with MobileIron Bridge for Windows 10 desktops
Adding a network or shared printer with MobileIron Bridge for Windows 10 desktops
Managing GPO settings with MobileIron Bridge
Managing application dependencies for Windows 10 devices
Customer Terms of Use page for AAD registrations

Delegated Admin
Editable Spaces
Ability to use additional criteria (including custom attributes) for Space definition
Ability to create and edit VPN, WiFi, Exchange and Email configurations within a Space

Compliance Policy Framework
Tiered Compliance: Evaluate with Compliance Policies Rules and Security Policies and take actions
And much more!

Certificate Management
Certificate Tag Enhancements for AppConnect
Certificate Based Enterprise SSO

Purge LDAP entities without roles
Ability to send VPP, DEP and Certificate logs to syslog server

Sentry and Tunnel
Support Kerberos Constrained Delegation (KCD) for CIFS repository using Docs@Work
Support multiple ActiveSync exchange domains using a single Sentry
Exchange ActiveSync Service (EAS) version 16.1 support for iOS email client
Support certificate based tunneling for IBM Verse client in Android enterprise

Core v9.4.0.0 Requirements and Considerations
Caveats and Pre-Requisites
Customers must be running Core on at least the following versions: Core v9.3.0.0 or or or to upgrade to Core v9.4.0.0
Customers are highly recommended to perform a Core System Local Backup prior to upgrading. Review the Customer Success Tech Talks Webinar: Upgrade Best Practices.

Core is now available using your support credentials;


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