MobileIron Core with Android 8 (Oreo)

If you plan to use Android 8 (Oreo) device, then it is time to upgrade to MobileIron Core or

The following App Store issue has been resolved in the latest releases.

Apps@Work was not working against the Android 8.0 (Android O) release. Users could not view Apps@Work; instead, they saw that the page was loading with a progress icon. This was observed on all supported versions of Core and the production version of Mobile@Work on Google Play.

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Is there a fix on the way for this on the way? I have Android 8 version and Apps@Work wont load.

Are you on Core or

How do I determine the core build? Google play store shows I am current and have

Log into your Core MIFs, click the silhouette in the corner and then click about:

OK, thanks, I will have to refer to our IT department. I don’t believe I have access to this.