MobileIron Sentry v9.1.0 Released (ActiveSync v16.x, Azure & AWS Support)


  • Standalone Sentry v9.1.0 
  • Cloud Ready Sentry v9.1.0 for Azure and AWS

MobileIron Standalone and Cloud Ready Sentry (for Azure/AWS) v9.1.0 is now available, and includes the following update:

  • Support Exchange ActiveSync protocol version 16.x -- Ability to use richer Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) version 16.1 features in the native iOS email client. Features include enhanced calendar reliability, calendar attachments and draft folder syncing.
  • Support Kerberos Constrained Delegation (KCD) with CIFS repository -- Ability to use Kerberos (using Sentry KCD) to access CIFS file shares from within Doc@Work. Only for MobileIron Core.
  • Support multiple Exchange ActiveSync server domains -- Ability to support multiple ActiveSync Exchange domains with a single Sentry. Only for MobileIron Core.
  • Support certificate authentication with IBM Verse client in Android enterprise -- Ability to use certificate based tunneling (CBT) for IBM Verse on Android enterprise for SyncML traffic. Only for MobileIron Core.
  • End of support for Exchange 2007 -- Please refer to community article on end of support for Exchange 2007 on Nov 15th 2017.




Known Issues and Workaround: Sentry v9.x, Monitor 1.0 and Template Gateway

If you are using Monitor v1.0 and plan to Standalone point Sentry v9.x to the Monitor console, please refer to this Knowledge Base article to address known issues before upgrading or installing Sentry v9.x.  Additionally, the KB addresses the update cycle for Template Gateway.


For MobileIron Cloud Customers

As of version 8.0.1 Build 23, the MobileIron Cloud Standalone Sentry requires login credentials to download the latest update.

If you were provisioned an instance of a MobileIron Cloud tenant after July, 2016, you should have automatically received your login credentials in your order confirmation. If you did not, request them here.  If you are unable to locate your login credentials, contact your support representative.