MobileIron Upgrade Status URL

If you want to see the status of your upgrade as you don’t have Console Access and you have already clicked on the upgrade button and don’t have access to the URL then you are most probably have clicked on this link for it… here it is:


Works on 7.5 CORE and above but may work on earlier versions…

You can also view the live log data on the following link; (useful if you are using the server IP address for connectivity)

Once completed you will see something like the following;

progressdata={"current_version":"VSP Build 123 (Branch toronto-vsp-release)","new_version":"","current_update_inprogress_message":" Successfully Upgraded to VSP Build 123 (Branch toronto-vsp-release)","percentage_done":"100%","status":"SUCCESS"} startLine=2000
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nice, didn’t know that one.