MobileIron@work with Oneplus 3T Oreo


I’m trying to install and use the MobileIron app in my phone Oneplus 3T but when trying to open it it says:

“Your company has set up a work profile. To continue using Mobile@work, please use the badged version installed on your device”

Do you know what can I do to solve it? So I can use the app.
Thanks in advance.


When you look at all the applications do you see a second copy of the MobileIron Mobile@Work application with the Android Enterprise badge? (orange circle with a white briefcase)

Hello Andrew, thanks for your response.
No I can’t see it.

Presumably this is when trying to enrol on to your corporate MobileIron server, and not just opening the agent right? If so, the org has likely setup Android enterprise to offer a dedicated work profile for corporate applications rather than the soon-depricated device admin APIs you might be expecting.

Actually, this error means another app is blocking the installation of the MI app… This is different for each brand and model though. For Oneplus 3T it’s the “parallel app” feature (mostly it are always vendor apps that have special access on other apps or the OS).

Yes, actually something is blocking the installation. Maybe is detecting some issues regarding security things. I have already checked my parallel apps and all are off.

Unfortunately we saw exactly the same thing with Samsung (secure folder), Huawei (Dual apps), Xiaomi and now parallel app from Oneplus. If you enable it (or go through) the config during the device initial setup, you will have this issue… the only solution is to factory reset it… Unless someone knows a decent way to disable them (every app turned off, or the option turned off is not sufficient for parallel apps, as you cannot disable this via ‘installed applications’).